Friday, 4 December 2009

Anyone Would Think Christmas Is Coming

Hello Again, Not quite as quickly delivered as the last few blog posts but still not leaving you waiting for an update for too long. Surely everyone was frantically checking their computers every night hoping for the new post………weren’t they?? Haha. OMG its December! Where has this year gone? Finally people will have reason to sing Christmas songs and put up decorations. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Christmas, what I don’t like is people making it a 2 month issue. Why not just make the whole of Winter season Christmas so we are all on the same page, lol. So what has gone on in my little world lately….

The Newest Ninja Turtle
This weekend just gone Lara and I drove down to Kent to see my sister Katie, her husband Tom and my amazing nephew Dylan. Dylan is turning 3 in January so he is at the perfect age where he knows exactly what’s going on but is still a great big child inside obsessed with bubbles and simple things that we forget about when we grow older. When I say he is clued on, boy is he clued on!! He has known how to work my iPhone for around a year now, remembering how to play each game and learning new ones in seconds. He was showing me the CBeebies website on the laptop the other day and HE was showing ME how to get around it and play games! He is a boy genius! The one thing he is really into now is Turtles, which makes me sooo happy as I was a huge fan when I was a kid. I think maybe an outfit may have to be bought for him for Christmas. That would be brilliant to see him in a Michaelangelo outfit (hes Dylans favourite). I shouldn’t really put that on here as in all honesty he is smart enough to find and read this blog! I can just see it now, Katie out doing the shopping with little Dylanangelo running around the supermarket in a Turtles costume shouting Cowabunga and fighting crime. Awesome!

At Katie and Toms we played Call Of Duty – Modern Warefare 2 (I will touch on that later), which is beyond amazing by the way, and Dylan sits there with his deactivated controller watching the screen and playing along as if he is controlling whats going on. Its brilliant to watch. Every kill is followed by a ‘Yeah I did it’ or a ‘Ohhhh Noooooo’ haha. I cant wait to see him again.

Well On The Way
Everything is in full swing with the house buying now. We have had surveys carried out and the Mortgage accepted. It’s getting pretty serious now. Haha. I know we are both really excited to be moving in, we haven’t got a date yet though so that will be nice when that is known and we can plan bits around it. There isn’t really that much to update on with the house this time, so this is going to be a brief section for now. Hopefully there will be some more development by the time it comes to me writing again. We are both a bit oblivious as to what we are expecting to come next, what should we be doing and things like that. But for now, this rollercoaster is still suitable for kids and not a brown pant affair.

Holding Myself Back
This whole house buying is quite involved really isn’t it. Its not just a case of sorting out the main things, there are fees coming out of our ears for everything. We even have to get a Church survey done of the local area to find out if we are within a certain distance of one. I did wonder what that was all about but its due to the locals having to pay for upgrades or repairs. Did you know that if you lived close enough to a Church and it needs a new tower or something you could have a bill fall through the letterbox asking you to contribute. Bugger that! There are other ones here and there that catch you by surprise too. So with all of these fees I’m being an extra good boy and not spending on personal things that I would normally treat myself too.

The two main items here are 2 new Xbox games that have recently come out. Assassins Creed II and Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 2. I have been waiting for these games to come out for at least 10 months, with the thought that I would be buying them on the day of release like the uber geek that I am. Little did I know that I would be making the biggest purchase of my life and have to resist in order to keep the money for more serious matters. I mean a total of around £60 spend on the 2 isn’t exactly excessive but I cannot justify to myself that it wouldn’t be better suited to things for the place when we move in. Things we will need but don’t really have in mind yet – like a toilet brush or a cheese grater – you know, the important stuff. So what do you think, aren’t I being good? I ask you this, could you resist something you have been anticipating for 10 months? And what kind of things could you not resist? Answers on a postcard to the usual address!!


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