Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Kids Throwing Shapes

Are we really at the end of October already? Let me just double check that on the calendar..... yep, it turns out that we actually are nearly five sixths of the way through 2011 and the summer seems a distant memory (if you can bring yourself to call it a summer). I wrote about halfway through September and since then lots has happened really. Lets see if I can remember this to be able to put into words.....

Am I Living With A Granny?
Simple answer, no.... no I'm not - but that doesn't stop me winding Lara up that she is older than me. Seems like her friends like doing it too - a quick check of her Facebook page around the 7th October will show a few messages from close friends wishing her a happy 30th / 31st / 32nd Birthday. She even got a card from one of her best friends, Stace, wishing her a happy 40th, haha (She was actually 28). Her birthday was on a Friday and I had secretly booked it off to surprise her as she had the day off too. I woke up, got dressed as if I was going to work and headed to the shop to grab the last little bits I needed to bring her lots of fresh fruit on a plate in bed and some juice. Then I got to give her all of her presents which is always nice. I bought her LA Noire for the PS3 which she loves and has spent many hours on, a Thomas Sabo charm and some other bits and bobs too. She was meeting her mum for a day out shopping (to get her iPad2) which I knew about so most of my day off was spent cleaning our place ready for people to come round the next day before we headed out. See, I can do nice things, haha. Lara is on Twitter too - she is @Laazarini7 on Twitter.

The Saturday night we headed out into Milton Keynes which was a laugh as always. Obviously ending up in the Disco room as Lara loves 90s music. A good night was had by all!

The Next Michael Jackson / Usher On The Dancefloor
A couple of weekends back there was a big surprise party for my Auntie Berns 50th birthday. It was another big family do and as always it was great to see people there. Katie, Tom, Dylan and Mia were there too which I always enjoy but tonight the kids were on Tom form. Mia was wandering around all over the place, playing with my cousins daughter Ella again and generally being a star (probably as she was eating the star decorations on the tables). Dylan was just being his usual legendary self, let me explain. As we all arrived Dylan had mentioned to Lara that he was looking forward to the music as his dance moves had been getting better. We thought this was just a bit of kid speak until we actually saw him busting some shapes later in the night. It all culminated in a lot of people dancing to Cotton Eye Joe and the song eventually turning into a circle around Dylan doing his thing! Words do not do it justice so luckily enough I had my iPhone camera rolling and you can see for yourself here - - Awesome.

The day after the party Katie, Tom and the clan met up with us at my mums house down in the New Forest for a home cooked pie by my mum (oh dear lord it was a good pie). We spent most of the day playing outside as it was a fairly nice day but its nice to be able to be an uncle and give them both back at the end of the day when I'm tired, lol.

You All Knew This Was Coming
I'm sure you have realised over the past year and a half that I have been a little bit excited for the Xbox game Gears of War 3 to come out. Well on the 20th September it did and I have basically lost countless hours of sleep staying up later than I normally would so I dont take over the TV too much when I'm playing it - Simply, it is Immense! There is just so much to do - Campaign (two different ways), Horde mode,  Beast mode which is kind of like a reverse Horde mode and then the multiplayer which is so varied as well. I have played through the whole campaign with my cousin Martin @MartinField which was brilliant and I have also played a bit with @Pazzatron who is the editor of and who did a review for Gears 3 as well - so be sure to check that out. So I feel I must apologise to Lara for becoming a bit of a Gears widow lately, althoguh she cant complain too much as she has mammoth 5 hour stints on LA Noire sometimes, lol. But this game is AWESOME!! I have even decided against buying the latest FIFA game as I know I wouldn't play it. This deserves my 'photo of the blog'.

What Else....
Other than the things above I am having a mind blank again, haha. I suppose brief points on things can be:

Work is overly manic at the moment which is good for business I suppose but it feels like I'm on overdrive from the second I walk through the door until the moment I leave.

You should check out another blog from one of my oldest friends Rob. Hes not actually old I have just known him for a long time..... He is @Bobmeister2K on Twitter and his blog is - I especially like the one about buying a house called 'Tard Rage 2' which I know we can all relate to.

I'm looking into the possibility of a new tattoo now too. Watch this space.

Take it easy

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