Friday, 23 April 2010

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So, I write this on the eve of the weekend, and I have actually realised that it is St Georges Day today….. Hope you all have a good one and Up The English!! Anyway… This weekend sees Tottenham play Manchester United in a massive game for the course of the season. As the title of this posting shows I have had much better time of things since I last wrote with the lows of Wembley, I couldn’t have expected what was to come next, Spurs have done me proud!

Best Week Ever!

How low was I after the Wembley semi final? Pretty damn low let me tell you, so what were my expectations of playing both Arsenal and Chelsea in the space a week straight after that horrible performance? Rubbish in all honesty. So can you imagine my happiness when we beat each of them 2-1, not luckily, convincingly!! We were just fantastic. It was great to watch them beat Arsenal, I was at home watching it with my neighbour Darren from downstairs with a few beers as we tore them apart. It was a great performance that would shut up the nation of Arsenal fans (aka Muppets). There was also a wonder goal from our young debutant Danny Rose, Goal of the Season without a doubt!! What could possibly be any better than that!! Well I will tell you what…. Sitting in the front row at White Hart Lane on the Saturday to watch the Spurs beat Chelsea too!! We were even better this game, it was just a perfect day. Absolutely everyone played brilliantly, the atmosphere in the stadium was incredible and John Terry the cheating scumbag was sent off! Awesome. I didn’t come down from cloud 9 for the rest of the day! LOVE IT!! To top it all off for the greatest football week of my life, Arsenal played Wigan on the Sunday and let a 2-0 lead slip in the last 10 minutes to lose 3-2. Remember that Spurs beat Wigan 9-1 earlier on this season, lol. On a side note, Gareth Bale is an absolute legend at the moment, what a player - WHAT A WEEK, I LOVE TOTTENHAM and so should you!!

Ready To Pop
At the time of writing this, Shelley (my best mate Joes wife, that’s Joe who is 2nd best at FIFA) is due to have their first child in the next few days. Im so excited so I cant imagine how they are feeling about it. I have known Joe since we were about 12 or 13 and have just seen each other grow up along the way, I have been the Best Man at his wedding and Im certain that he will be mine when I decide to get a ball and chain too. For us to be at the stage of our lives when one of us is having a baby is really a point I think I will remember for the rest of my days. So I hope, and I think Shelley will too, that by the time I write my next rambling that there will be another person in the world that is part of the family/friends.

I think I will leave it at that today to be honest, there isn’t much else going on in the world that I can talk about right now. Im going to see the new Clash of the Titans tonight so I will write about what I thought of it next time too.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Joke Telling Machine

So another couple of weeks have flown by and it is already mid April – Can you believe that? Over 3 months ago it was New Years and the start of a new decade. Now we are a quarter of the way through the year and staring down the barrel of Summer. I must say that I am extremely happy with the run of good weather we are having lately. Is this just the powers that be teasing us before providing us with a Summer so rainy and grey that it makes last year look like a Barbados wonderland? I hope not.

Wembley Sucks!

Well, I write this in the wake of the Spurs Semi Final defeat to Portsmouth, It Sucks! End Of. Wembley on the other hand needs to sort a few things out considering that it is our national stadium, the so called pinnacle of sporting arenas for this country. Don’t get me wrong it is something spectacular to look at but there are a few small details that bring the whole place down. First off, the pitch. I have never seen more players slipping and falling over than I did in the 2 semi finals that were played there this weekend. In no way am I pointing the finger as the reason for the loss as Portsmouth had to play on exactly the same pitch but it was a disgrace, half the time it didn’t matter if a player had skill, he would stop (or try to stop) and the other player would fall over (or he would fall over and the other guy would take the ball), they may as well have played it on an ice rink. Secondly I think that the place is incredibly dangerous! With one of the main aspects of things being health and safety these days, you would expect one of the newest and most up to date stadiums to have the latest health and safety planning right? Well, when Portsmouth were awarded the penalty to make the score 2-0 I, like most other Spurs fans in there were up and on the way out – or so I hoped. The penalty was awarded with 3 minutes to play in extra time, 2 minutes were then added on top of this so 5 minutes after the penalty was awarded the game was over. Portsmouth then paraded around in front of their fans and left the pitch and this took at least 3-4 minutes. I was still there about 20 steps lower than my seat!! Now I was 1 row from the back and everyone was trying to leave at the same time (and believe me everyone wanted out of there asap!) so surely its not good for it to take almost 10 minutes to just get to where the block entrance is? After this I still had to go down about 15 flights of stairs to get outside of the stadium. To be fair it cant be easy to design all of this sort of thing, but if there was a real emergency such as a fire I would not be sat here writing this blog. Over 10 minutes to get from my seat to the outside of the stadium is crazy! Lets hope there are no security issues at that place while its fully stocked up eh? That just topped off a really Crap afternoon!

Future Thoughts

In my whole what’s good side of things I went to see Kick-Ass at the cinema. This film is everything you could ever want from a movie based on Superheroes, it doesn’t have all the silly back story or any radioactive spiders, this just puts it all out there and doesn’t care who thinks if it’s good or not. The action is mental, the majority of it coming from a completely nuts 12 year old girl killing people left right and centre with the title character as a bit of help here and there. Nicholas Cage put in his best performance since he was in Face/Off as a slightly deranged dad with revenge on his mind, based loosely on Adam Wests Batman from the 60s, Classic.

Also there is a game coming out for the Xbox that I am really looking forward to, it is called Alan Wake. It’s a hard one to describe but lets say for now that it is a psychological action thriller that is quite unique in its whole approach. I would check out the trailer at if you can.

I have finished Assassins Creed II now. It became slightly samey samey towards the end with what you are doing, but the story was excellent the whole way through. For such a simple idea that memories of our ancestors are passed down into our memories through the generations without us knowing it really has done a great job of creating a story that will really immerse you from the start.

Family Guy

Over the last week or so I have had all of my immediate family over which has been brilliant. My Mum, Sister, Tom and my legendary nephew Dylan came over for an evening. Dylan told us a joke about muffins that was quality. I wont ruin it by telling it because the way he told it was excellent, he said it with such timing and style that he has just added top comedian to the already massive list that he could end up doing in the future. We also played a little on the Wii which was really funny too. Dylan lost a race on Mario Kart but at the end he was still happy which was good to see, lol.

My Dad and his girlfriend Elaine came up later in the week too, it was the first time he had seen our place and he gave some really nice comments which was brilliant to hear. We went for dinner at the White Hart next to ours as is standard when I have people visit and the food was awesome as per normal. I just need more people to come and visit me so I can go there more often!

For now I think that’s about enough from me. Make sure you ask Dylan to tell you a joke if you can!