Thursday, 11 August 2011

Kicking Kempston Goals and My Birthday

Rammestein - Can't wait for the concert!
So I’m already writing again, I think today will be a short one in comparison to the last couple as not a lot has been going on really – well, enough has been going on but not nearly as much as July, that was just manic.

And… We Are Off...
So the pre-season training is winding down now and we are into some friendly matches before the actual season starts in just over a week. It’s good to actually be playing games again and not just training like madmen as running with a ball is more enjoyable than running from one cone to another! I have played in a couple of games and we bagged a 4-2 win on Tuesday night which was good. I am now officially off the mark scoring wise for Kempston after getting a goal in Tuesdays game which is great. Although with the amount of chances I had I should have scored at least one more, oh well, something to improve on… I will have to try and keep track of how many goals I have scored this year as I never seem to do that.

And… I’m Older
Sunday just gone, 7th August, was my birthday and saw my years of age tally roll upwards and onwards to the dizzy heights of 27. Now I know some will read this and go, ‘god I wish I could be turning 27 again’ (even Lara will as she is going to be older than that in a couple of months) but seriously, how in the blue hell have I just turned 27?? Seems like only last year that I was hanging out with mates at school, then college or travelling the world as a 23 year old – Where does the time go? Anyway, we had a BBQ at our place to celebrate and everything seemed to go really well. It was great to have friends and family up to our place rather than travelling around to see everyone. Even my mate Paul and his lady Rachel came over (Paul is from Yeovil and Rachel is from Newcastle so it was great to see them). I met Paul in Lanzarote when we would go on yearly trips with our family in our teens. We have always kept in touch and as good mates so it was great that they were able to come. The weather was really good for the day and despite losing my sight for an hour or so in the smoke of the BBQ I had such a great day. So a massive thank you to everyone who came with a special thanks to my aunt and uncle for bringing a Gazebo, loads of chairs, blankets and just general bits as it made things so much easier. Also I can’t forget Lara on this one who worked her little booty off to clean the house from top to bottom and just generally was a legend in the planning etc. Thank you all, I had an amazing day! (Martin @MartinField and Jenni @Jenniwheller thank you for Dirt 3, its addictive as hell!)

And… I’m Going Rocking
Rammestein had announced that they would be doing a show next year at the O2 so naturally I wanted to go. Unfortunately the tickets sold out in minutes and I had been looking with my friend Sean into getting hold of some as this would be a show not to be missed. For those that don’t know, Rammestein are a German rock band who are known as one of the best live shows around. They use pyrotechnics and loads of props and have just an amazing stage presence so I really wanted to see this. They sing in German which I do not speak at all but I have sing along to some of the songs I know which is strange, lol. Anyway, after a little treasure hunt Lara had set up on the morning of my birthday, I found out that she had managed to get me tickets to the gig which was AMAZING. So yeah, I cant wait for that and thought I would make them the photo of the blog this time as it is just that awesome. Bring on the rocking! Thank you Lara!   Its also worth a quick look at this thing someone did with Lego to one of their songs, its hilarious - 

And… Other Odd Bits
Other than that there hasn’t been much going on lately really. I have written two more small things for which you should check out. They are only little things about two movie trailers that have been released recently but have a look and have a browse around the site too. In Time - and the other one for The Darkest Hour -
Have a look see.

I am hoping to see a couple of films over the next week or so, Super 8 by JJ Abrams which I have been looking forward to all year and also The Inbetweeners Movie which has the potential to be hilarious. So maybe I will write my thoughts on those next time. Also, I keep meaning to film a little video on my phone with my cousin Matt (@TheTilley) for a bit of a laugh, something like a sketch so maybe I will get around to that at some point too. Haha. For now, I shall leave you to get on with the rest of your day.

Take it easy