Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Another Baby Bump and Todd Ramsey

Where did that last month and a bit go to?? That flew by... I guess its cos work it overly manic at the moment so the days and nights seem to be blending together a bit. Haha. So whats new? Hmmmm, are we all sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin.

Aussie Partying
My cousin Tom came to stay with me for a weekend again, we had an awesome night out earlier in the year (I think I wrote about it) but had a lot to live up to this time around. On the Friday my mum drove him up so it was nice to have a catch up with her too. I cooked a really nice chicken meal so if you want to call me the next Gordon Ramsey you are quite welcome to, haha. The Saturday night we thought we would have a fairly quiet one at the dog racing in Henlow which was a laugh. I didn’t win a thing all night but Toms luck seemed to be in which was good. After that finished we headed home for what we thought would be a fairly quiet night. We got back to mine and Lara and a couple of her mates were there, so we ended up heading to Ampthill for a few drinks. Well I say a few, it was more of a continuous pour of whatever was in our hands at the time. Later that night we all headed back to ours where somehow we managed to end up playing the game of life, probably not to the correct rules or anything like that but it was hilarious. Kelly ended up winning by a long way and was happy as she had got herself a blue peg in her car which meant that her and Pat (her boyfriend who wasn’t there) were officially married. After that we called my aunt in Australia for a chat, which was class, and told her about how her son was now renamed Todd Ramsey! Tom is now back in Oz but when we meet up again the nights out will have a hell of a task living up to the two we had over here!

Unkie G
I’m going to be an uncle again!! Whoop Whoop. I have known for a little while but couldn’t say anything about it. My sister is due next year and I will have another niece or nephew to have a laugh with. I saw Dylan and Mia at my dads birthday meal and they are just such little legends. Mia is really getting a proper personality while she is wandering around now so that’s cool, and Dylan is just Dylan – if you don’t know what that means then let me elaborate. Dylan is the most awesome little lad in the history of the world. He just comes out with the most hilarious, and clever, comments. I wish I could write them all down and share them. An example of this is when my dad was opening his birthday card from Dylan and Mia and was reading it out. Dylan was saying ‘we wrote your card grandad’ and then my dad said as he was reading ‘To the best grandad in the world’ and Dylan said ‘Oh we didn’t write that bit’ haha. Genius. So yeah I am looking forward to being an uncle again.... hence todays blog photo of my niece Mia.

Review Time Peoples
Last time I said that I would be watching a couple of films over the coming weeks, well that’s just what I went and did. I saw The Inbetweeners Movie and Super 8…. Am I a man of my word or what??  So anyway, The Inbetweeners Movie was extremely funny. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was hilarious as sometimes it was very slow and drawn out. What I would say is that there are a couple of incredibly funny moments in there, like the ones that have tears rolling down your face, which are worth seeing the movie for. Overall it was a fun time but I cant help thinking it could have been so much more. 6.5/10.
Next I saw Super 8 and this is a definite must see movie! - Especially if you are around my age. Don’t get me wrong, it will still be great if you are younger or older but it has a real throwback feel to movies that I saw while I was growing up which was a real bonus. I wrote a review for for Super 8 so be sure to check it out and have a browse about the site as there is some great stuff going up recently. The link to the review is – - I’m quite proud of this one again J

That should just about do it for now, If I think of anything else maybe I will write a quick catch up. Oh, Kempston goal tally is now at 2, scored an absolute peach of a chip from about 20 yards out that I was happy as larry with.

Until next time