Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Is It April Already??.....

I feel I must start this with an apology, I have written only one blog since the turn of the year and that was specifically about the cruise that Lara and I went on. I bet my loyal fans (hi again mum, and you Godders - I know you read this) are wondering what’s going on. Well I have no idea where to start as so much as happened really, cousins are engaged with weddings soon, I have a stag do on the horizon which I’m sure will be great, just loads! I suppose work should be where this story begins…..

Making My Monies
I started my new job back in January at a company called AC Flooring which so far is going really really well. It’s a lot closer to home so I don’t have to deal with the monotonous hour or more journey each way which rinsed my bank account for petrol money. Im working slightly longer hours but with the journey being so much shorter Im leaving later that I was before and getting back loads earlier too. To the delight of Lara’s brother Simon, Im an estimator….which he imagines as someone who just sits there chilling at a desk until someone says ‘how much will this cost’ and I can turn around and say ‘hmmm I estimate that it will cost this much… give me your money’ haha. I wish it was that easy, I never realised how complicated flooring actually is, theres so much to think about. The only drawback of this job is that wherever I go now I am noticing the flooring in places, like the type of carpet or the nosings (the bit on the front of a step) and thinking about it, which is a bit strange. But yeah, all in all going really well so far.

The 9 Second Finish
Football has been up and down this year, we went on a really good run of games without losing for a while but are in a bit of a dip at the moment, although just this weekend gone I scored the fastest goal I will ever score in my life. The other team kicked off, passed pack to their left-back and as he was passing across to another one of their defenders I took a chance that he would make a mistake, he did and I scored in what was a grand total of about 9 seconds of the game played!! Amazing. Although we didn’t score again in the game and ended up drawing 1-1 which was a bummer, but still.

TV Stuff
Lara and I are still watching Fringe, which is getting incredibly good at the moment. Its coming towards the end of season 3 and all starting to snowball into some fantastic stories again. We are also watching a show called The Event which is very good, I would recommend checking that one out if you can. I also started Lara up on Scrubs, which I loved back in the day. I used to watch loads of it with my cousin Ollie when I was living out in Oz which was cool. So we have started that from the beginning and it just cracks me up so Im glad she is enjoying that one.

Playing Computers Like A Kid
On the game front I have been playing Test Drive Unlimited 2 lately, it’s a pretty good game with some great racing around Hawaii and Ibiza which is decent. Things can get a bit repetitive sometimes though which is the only drawback I can find about it. There is really only one game I am waiting on this year though and that’s Gears of War 3. It was meant to come out in April but they pushed the release date back until Autumn time which is annoying. Other than that, not too much on the games side of things at the moment.

New Locations
One interesting thing is that both my mum and my sister have moved houses down to Wiltshire. They live about 30 odd minutes from each other and they both have such great places too. I popped down to see my mum a little while back and had an old school mums Sunday roast which was lush. I dived into my sisters to see everyone on the way back home too which was nice. Mia is such a cheeky monkey and she was smiling loads. I played parachute with Dylan which was fun too, Im sure we will be doing that again when I see him. Lol.

Im trying to think of some other stuff going on at the moment but im drawing up blanks…. I think its because after the cruise I am trying to save money to pay back my credit card so I haven’t really done too much, I haven’t even been to the cinema that often, well at all really. I saw that film ‘Paul’ which was very funny with Nick Frost and Simon Pegg but other than that I have been a billy boring bollocks and not done an awful lot. Easter is coming up soon though and I have some time off so there should be something to write about there, and as I said there was the stag do in a week or two that Im going on so that should be great.

I may as well leave it there for now, I know it wasn’t a major catch up on everything I have done but like I said, I haven’t really done too much….. so until next time. Bye Bye.