Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Who's In The House?!?!

Well well well…… Whoever thought that I would grow up and become responsible enough to buy a house?? Anyone?....I think I can hear the sound of tumbleweed right now, haha. It has happened though, I am officially a homeowner and so is Lara too. It was strange at first but having now been in for nearly two weeks and sorted the majority of what we needed to, it is really starting to feel like home! The whole move was easier than I thought it would be, mainly as one of my mates from work came over on the first morning with his van and we bashed everything out in 2 trips, so that was really handy. We both had time off to do thing around the house such as painting the hall and lounge, put together furniture and arrange all the services, things like that. Everything is really coming together now, all we need is our sofa to be delivered, the internet to be up and running then SKY to be installed and it will be brilliant. One thing that has come out of this is that I know that solicitors are pretty useless, dragging their feet in everything they seem to do with the assumption that someone else will contact them even if they are the ones needing the information. We learnt very late on to deal with the solicitors secretary as they are the ones with some actual common sense. But anyway, things are sorted and we have had people over already so that is really nice.

Other than the whole craziness of moving in to our place the last few weeks have been pretty quiet. As I said we have had a few people over, Some of Laras friends, my best mate Joe and his wife Shelley, my mum, Roy and Laras mum came over too. Was nice. It is such a strange feeling showing someone around a house knowing that it is yours, kinda makes you a little proud. I cant wait to have Dylan come over and see Unkie G’s house lol. I still have his Birthday present at mine as I haven’t seen him since January so at least he will have something to play with when he comes over. At the moment as we have no sofa we have bought a couple of inflatable chairs to sit on in the mean time. Lara has an awesome giant bubble looking thing that has speakers in the headrest and is really comfy to sit on. It was only something like £15 too!! Mine was a few pounds more and is rubbish, it doesn’t hold you up and it’s smaller too, lol. Ah the joys of looking at things on the internet beforehand, lol, It looked huge on there.

Quick side note – While Joe was up visiting we played 4 games of FIFA. I won 3 of them and I was gutted to lose the last one 4-3 to an 89th minute winner lol. A couple of cracking games though. Total scores:
Grazy – 11 Wins
Joe - 2 Wins

Successfully Converted
Oh, as it has been a while since I last wrote I have been to see Avatar for the 3rd time (Yes Again!). But this time I treated my mum and took her to the cinema to see it. Remember how I have been on to try and get her to see it on the big screen as it has to be seen on there to get a real sense of how amazing it looks. Well even up to the starting scene my mum was a bit sceptical about it but I knew once it got into the swing of things she would love it! As per usual I loved every second of it, what I wasn’t expecting when we came out after was my mums reaction, I knew she would like it but I didn’t expect her to say ‘Wow that was Amazing! Lol. Brilliant, I have made someone a lover of it who wouldn’t have normally seen it. There were a couple of funny things that happened with this too. There is a part of the film when a few gas canisters are shot and with it being 3D and all there is the feeling that they are coming at you. Well one was shot an my mum darted herself to the right to get out of the way, haha. It was hilarious, there I was in this quite sad and dramatic part of the film, laughing my ass off cos of what she did. Priceless. Then afterwards she said to me that for the first 10 minutes or so of the film she didn’t pay attention to a word that was being said as she was just taking in the whole 3D experience and just being in awe really of how everything looked. Quality. So there we are, proof that even if you have an idea of what this film will be like and aren’t seeing it as it doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, if the anti Sci Fi / Anti Alien War viewer like my mum liked it then I’m sure you will too. Also it is now the highest grossing film of all time now, it passed Titanic after just over a month of being in the cinema. Considering that Titanic was the last film he made before Avatar, that’s quite a 1-2 punch follow up. I wonder what he will do next??

Get Lost
The last series of LOST has just started and there is just no way I can wrap my head around that lol. Does anyone else watch that? I had a good chat with one of Laras friends fellas the other day and we just both have no clue where this is all going. I love it but I cant wait for it to finish so I can just stop wondering, lol, if they don’t answer the questions I will be pissed!

I wonder if there is any way of getting some photos up on here of our new place? If not I will have to take some and put them on Facebook.

I don’t have an awful lot else to bring up so I am going to be boring and say bye for now. Bye.