Monday, 22 March 2010

Code Red, Code Red!!

Hey Hey. Well I’m trying to keep these a little more frequent but life is just so busy that its hard to do, but my 1 reader (hello again mum) deserves to know what the life of G is like so I had better keep these going.

The most recent goings on in my life is that I went out to Milton Keynes on Saturday night dressed as a geek for a Birthday do. It was hilarious. I think there was about 25 of us in total and we all looked the part. If you would have seen people like this at school then you would have thought they were the goody goody teachers pet for sure. If I can manage to get a picture in here then there is a nice pic below, haha.

Well it was such a laugh, people gave us funny looks and it was a good conversation starter too. The hard part was talking to someone we were with though, every time I tried to talk I would just laugh or smile to begin with as it was hard to take someone seriously dressed like a nerd. The night out went really well though but there was one thing that will be memorable for me and one of the lads we were out with. In the first place we went into we were having our very first drink and having a chat with someone that a guy in our group knew. The next thing happening is the bouncers grab this bloke and his mate then storm them out. A fairly standard occurrence right?.... Wrong. What made this different is that one of the bouncers had dropped his walkie talkie at our feet. Was I the good Samaritan? Did I take it back to the bouncer at the door? Did I care that he may get in trouble for losing a vital piece of his door guarding equipment? Did I heck! So to the bouncers of the moon and whatever it was called in Milton Keynes, if you heard a man shouting ‘Code Red, Code Red there’s a fight going on in the toilets, everyone get here quickly, Code Red, I repeat Code Red’ that was yours truly having a little fun! Haha.

Another Must See
So I saw Shutter Island a week ago, the latest offering from the Leonardo Di Caprio / Martin Scorsese combo. It was really really good. Its probably the most engaging film I have seen in a long time. The story was brilliant and kept you right in the moment the whole time and there is a big twist that the majority of people wouldn’t see coming. Im sure there will be the odd clever clogs that will get it before the reveal but its another film I must recommend for people to see. Lara really enjoyed it too. It has the creepy element without being crap your pants scary and feel that you can really involve yourself in. I don’t want to talk too much about it but go and find out for yourself what all my fuss is about. Its based on a book that the author wrote with the intention of it being mental so don’t expect something normal. Im sure you will like it though.

Quick note – The Formula 1 race was pants last weekend. It was a procession showing off all the pretty cars. I cant remember any significant overtakes and the only interesting things were when people crashed. I can see why the no refuelling rule has come in but all it did was make people drive slower to make their tyres last longer. It made it slower (around 6-8 seconds a lap overall) than ever. 8 seconds in this kind of racing is a mammoth distance too. Hopefully they will change something soon as most of the fans hated it, so did the drivers. Melbourne race this weekend so we will see.

What else what else. Erm…. I met up with Mark from Contiki again on Friday night for his birthday so that was pretty cool, hopefully have a few more meet ups soon.

I haven’t had another visit to The White Hart since I last wrote to have that amazing Game Pie again, that needs to be sorted soon. I went to another pub within 5 minutes walk of my place last week though, The George which was pretty nice too. Lara used to work in there too, may have to visit there a bit more often although they will really have to go some on the food front to impress me after the Game pie!

I need a holiday! Where can we go? Answers on a postcard to the usual address, and if you would like to donate to the holiday fund then that would be fine too. Seriously though where do people recommend? I would love to go back to Vegas although I would have to save save save as Vegas is a place I like to spend money. Haha.

That’s about me for now so I will leave it there and write again soon. I am going to see another film tomorrow – Green Zone with Matt Damon in it. So that gives me something to write about next time.

Laters Potaters.


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Settled In My Nest

Well well, over a month in our new house already, where did all that time go?? I cant believe that it is March already, that’s mental. Its less than 10 months until Christmas, I had better get planning now. I think I have had a pretty eventful few weeks so I will try to remember exactly what has gone on and fill you in a bit. We now have our sofa and it is quite simply…Awesome! I remember writing that the whole DFS experience was a good one a while back and now we actually have their product I can say that it just puts the cherry on top as I have no complaints at all. Everyone – If you need a sofa, go to DFS! On the other end of the scale we have Harvey, we ordered a wardrobe from them a while back and it was delivered a couple of weeks ago. Not only were the delivery crew complete twats but they damaged the staircase in the communal area and pleaded ignorance when we complained. So as a review side of things (this is a blog after all) Don’t use Harveys! You can get just as good furniture other places and I bet they aren’t complete muppets. There, I feel I have done my bit to get them back, haha. We have put up some photos, mirrors and other bits now and it is really starting to look like a home. I was saying to Lara the other day that sometimes I just sit there and still cant believe that we are in a place that is ours! Its great!

Cold and Jumping
I have to write a short note about the Spurs Vs Fulham game I went to on Saturday. It was away at Fulhams ground (Craven Cottage) which has always been one of the grounds I have wanted to visit as it is so old school. One of the stands is over 100 years old and they actually have a big cottage/house in one of the corners which is pretty cool. The area that the stadium is in is really nice too, a great walk along the riverside to get there. The thing that made the visit great though was the atmosphere from the Spurs fans, it was brilliant. We didn’t sit down or be quiet for the entire 90 minutes. There was also a period of about 10 minutes in the 2nd half where absolutely every fan was bouncing and singing which was amazing. One thing I will say though, where the ground has fairly open corners and is right next to a river, it is windy and bloody freezing! Thank god we were bouncing around otherwise they would still be trying to remove my in one solid block of ice from my seat!

I Was Right the First Time
Remember how I bumped Good Will Hunting down to 3rd in my all time list after seeing Avatar? Well I sat and watched it again the other day with Lara and I feel I was caught up in the whole Avatar hype, which made me forget what a great film Good Will Hunting really is. The story is fantastic and the characters are just brilliant too. Anyone thinking Robin Williams is just a one trick pony with comedy acting needs to see this film as he is outstanding as a psychiatrist. He actually got an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor which shows this too. I am therefore moving Good Will Hunting back to No 2 on my all time list ahead of Avatar. Done!

Still as Enjoyable as Ever!
Another quick update on the whole FIFA competition I have with Joe. I popped back to my mums house to pick up the majority of things I have left there to move to our new house this weekend just gone. While I was there I went over to Joes for an hour or so to say hello and as normal, we had a few games of Fifa. The first game was a close affair which ended up going to extra time but I won 2-1. The second game Joe went 1-0 up very early on but I came back to win that one well. The 3rd game I cant remember the score but I know I stuck a couple in and won that too. It is such a great rivalry and one that I am so glad I seem to be keeping on top of, lol. Latest scores
Grazy – 14 Wins
Joe – 2 Wins

Short Blast Out of Thoughts
OK I am not wanting to make this post an essay so I will make this paragraph short and to the point about a few things to help avoid boring you. Haha.
Assassins Creed 2 is a brilliant game, I am glad I waited to play this when I had some spare time as the story is so in depth and the game is just huge, so many other things to do away from the standard story. Genius idea of a game though, I may explain more about it in a future post to do it justice.
Formula 1 is back next week!! Awesome, I cant wait for this season. Usually I avoid McLaren as I think they are a bit arrogant with their approach but this year I am a massive McLaren fan. Why? Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. 2 English drivers in a team based in England. Cant get better than that as a fan. Should be really interesting with the rule that you aren’t allowed to re-fuel this year too. Roll on Sunday and Bahrain. Also Schumacher is back which will be brilliant! My pick for the title this year is Vettel.
We had Sky + HD installed at our place last week. Watching football on it is just something else. The detail is unreal. I watched the Ice Hockey final in the Olympics in HD and that was incredible, you could see the scratches on the ice!
The local pub near to my house, The White Hart, does some amazing food. It is also less than 3 minutes walk from our house. Lara and I went there for dinner on Friday night as we fancied a bit of a treat. Somehow in my 2 previous visits I had managed to miss that they had a Game Pie on the menu. Rabbit, Pheasant, Venison and another meat I cant remember right now in a big pot pie. WOW, it was delicious. If you are ever in the area then give me a call and we will go and sample the dish as I know that 99% of people will love it. Well 99% of non vegetarians will love it. Haha.

That’s about it for now so I guess that I will leave it at that. I have just seen that I can add images to this so next time will have some photos of the place I think. Before I go a quick joke that made me chuckle earlier.

What do bees come back as when they die? ….. Zombees!! Haha I love that! Bye bye…