Wednesday, 16 December 2009

10 Years after the Millennium Bug

Can you believe it? It has been 10 years since we all danced and sang our back sides off at the stroke of midnight to bring in the new Millennium. 10 Years since everyone thought the world was going to end as every computer and electrical device spontaneously combusted in front of us. 10 years since the Sega Dreamcast was released (look at things now with PS3 and Xbox!!). Also who can forget the most important event of 1999 – The release of Will Smiths Willennium album!! Here we are within 3 weeks of 2010, blimey.

So what of the 49 weeks of 2009 so far? Well for me it was definitely a rollercoaster year. From trying to find work after returning from travelling smack in the middle of the recession to finding work and then moving out to a whole new area of the country, then at the end of the year buying my first house with Lara as you know. For now I’m going to leave off from the highs and lows of the year and talk about what I have been doing, using and seeing over the last week or so. Here goes……

I May As Well Get a Walking Stick and Slippers
Well that’s it, I have officially grown up. Lara and I spent a Sunday wandering around DFS and other furniture stores looking for a sofa. Think back and remember the days as a youngster when you got dragged along with your parents to have a look around places like these. It was torture as a child, there was nothing to do but sit on a sofa for 1 minute before your mum pulls a disapproving face and moves on to the next one. You weren’t even allowed to jump on them!! After seeing one on the internet the night before we headed straight to DFS (there was a sale on……surprisingly). Here we were looking round for a purchase for our new place and I was absolutely loving it, haha. I really did feel for the poor kids I saw in there as we were looking around though. We sat on a few before finding the one that caught our eye on the internet, it was brilliant, a nice leather corner sofa in black and white. We couldn’t buy it straight away out of principle so we kept searching, I think we sat on around 100 seats that afternoon. After 4 or 5 different stores and an hour or so of searching, we decided that the black and white one was still the best. So back we headed to seal the deal and introduce our bums to the best friend it will have for the next few years. We also bought a really nice glass 4 person dining table along the way too.

From a review point of view - I suppose I should do one as I said I would at the beginning when this blog was started - the DFS experience was a simple and easy one. You wander around sitting on whatever sofa / chair you like, each set in their own little section of a very open giant living room. You have the occasional sales person rattles off some ‘special offer’ spiel about whichever seat you happen to be sitting on at the time they walk past. Then when you say to them ‘I’d like that one’ their eyes light up and you are sat down (on the sofa you chose) with a pen and paper signing on for order before you know it. They have up to 4 years interest free credit which, lets be honest, is bloody brilliant in this day and age so you are paying no more out for spreading the cost over 48 months. That makes a major difference to people like us as we cant just splash out a grand here and there on the basics for a house, spreading the cost without adding a penny makes the more desirable more affordable! If anyone happens to be buying a sofa I would say to just go there. The range is bigger than pretty much anywhere else, its all customisable so you can have the colour you want and the deals are so good as, for some very strange reason, the sale always ends tomorrow. Haha.

Competition Update
Just to keep you updated on the FIFA rivalry that I have with Joe. We got the chance to have 4 more games the other evening which was cool The first one I am afraid to say I lost, I just couldn’t score!! Then normal service resumed and I beat him 3 times in a row. The last game I was 3-0 up at half time and taking him to school so he decided to give up. He will say that one doesn’t count but everyone else knows it does. So tally is….
Grazy – 6 Wins
Joe – 1 Win
What I really miss is the competitions we used to have on first person shooters like Gears of War and Call of Duty. They were always great, trying to make each other jump and kill each other in the most inventive of ways. Hopefully we will still have some time to do that once I’m moved into my place and he has the little Mini Keefe around.

A Question
Right, I need to do like a ‘reverse review’ now please. I need your help. As this is our first place we don’t have a lot of stuff to take there. When I say we don’t have a lot I mean we have 2 beds and clothes – that’s about it really. We have ordered our sofa and dining table as I said earlier, but I need some advice. Where is best to shop for all the bits and bobs that are essential like cutlery, a toaster, kitchen utensils and other things like that? Somewhere that isn’t going to break the bank but is still nice.
Also colour schemes?? Whoever thought it would be so hard to pick a couple of colours to put in a room and base things around. The living room is sorted, we are going with Black and White. The main bedroom I am leaving to Lara (I think she will do a better job) so it’s the Bathroom, Kitchen and Bed 2 that need some ideas. If you think of any either message me on Facebook or post on my Twitter @FuzzyCoyote.

That’s about me for now. Have an awesome week and I will speak before Christmas!


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