Monday, 24 May 2010

Remember Where You Are In a Moment!

Hotter than an Eskimo in Barbados

As I am writing this it is currently 27 degrees outside, lush! The weather at the moment is putting everyone in such a good mood, well, most of the time. You still get the grumpy ones at work having a grumble that they cant be bothered to work on such a nice day, lol. It has been lovely lately, the weekend was especially nice and isn’t it so much easier to get out of bed earlier in the day when you see the sun is shining. If it was raining on Saturday morning I would have probably stayed in bed until 10 / 11am not being too fussed about doing anything, but I was up and about by 8 wanting to do things.

I have met little Josh now, he is a little star. The first time I met him I thought he wasn’t my biggest fan however as he cried – no wait – screamed pretty much the whole time I was holding him. On Saturday though I saw him a couple of times and he was as good as gold, sleeping the majority of the time I was holding him and being a good little fella when he wasn’t in the land of nod. Im sure that his mum and dad are extremely proud as he is a special little dude, although I have seen a picture of Joe when he was just born and he is a spitting image. Shelley did make me laugh the other day saying to Josh while pointing at Joe ‘This is what you are gonna look like in 25 years’. Haha.

My friend Sinead had a BBQ on Saturday which was great in the hot weather, Joe caught a few trout on Friday and gave me a half of one, so I took this to the BBQ and it went down a treat. Yum Yum.

Reviewer G

I have bought an app lately, on the recommendation from Lara called Talking Carl. If you have anyone you can show this to under the age of 10 then I would urge you to get this. Its only 59p although worth it really. It’s a funny looking character repeats what you say in a silly voice, you can tickle it, poke it and make it growl too. Heck who am I kidding this makes me and every adult I have shown it to laugh let alone a 10 year old. I am looking forward to showing it to Dylan next weekend when I head to Katies for her birthday / babyshower do.

Oh, Alan Wake, that game I was saying that I was getting, is excellent. Its great to play alone, in the dark, quite late at night. Im not going to lie it scares the hell out of me when there are bangs or someone just appears but that’s what I love, something that can give you a range of feelings and involve you a little more in the world they have created. Lara is playing it too which is cool. The special edition package that I got for it came in a big book presentation case which was a nice touch (Alan Wake is a writer). There were a few other cool parts in the special edition, like a soundtrack and a 144page back story book, a bonus disc but I will leave those until I have looked into them a bit more to let you know what I think.

6 Years, Over 100 Episodes – Just Brilliant

This morning was a very significant moment in my life, one of my favourite shows, well possibly my favourite ever show LOST had its final episode. This was planned before the series started that it would be the final season so I have been excited about this for a long time. I was originally going to download it and watch it as soon as I got in as it would be shown in America first. But when they announced that it was to be shown in unison with USA then it was a no brainer, my Monday morning was starting at 5am no matter what! Usually Mondays are hard to get up for, not today! My friend from work James came over to stay so we could get up and watch it like mega geeks but I don’t care. The funny thing is, I has set my alarm for 4:55am but by 4:45 I was wide awake, my body clock knew that this was a big day! Haha. So we watched, it ended and that was it, LOST was over!

I know that not everyone will think this or agree with me but I thought that ending was just perfect for the show! I am totally satisfied and even though not everything was fully explained it didn’t need to be. I was actually a little choked that this period in my life and something that I have been involved in for so long has come to an end. This will be one of those shows that people will talk about probably 40-50 years from now and look back at. I will always remember where I was and the feelings I had when I watched that final episode of possibly one the best TV shows of our time.

LOST - Thank you!!

So Question of the Week is

What is your favourite ever TV Series?

On that note I think I will leave it there for this post. Hope you all enjoy the sun.


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