Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I'm Buying a Hot Tub and Chernobly

Ok, Im starting this blog with massive congratulations to Joe and Shelly (Finally!!) as just before midnight last night baby Joshua joined us. At 2 weeks late he kept us all waiting but I know that they are over the moon. I can’t wait to meet him, I have already seen a couple of pictures that Joe put on Facebook and he looks like a real cutie (must take after Shelley in that department – sorry Joe I couldn’t resist). So the first of the 3 babies that were due to arrive this year is here now, there are 2 more due in the next couple of months with my sister Katie and her husband Tom expecting and also my cousin Dan with his girlfriend Helen. Babies Everywhere!!

Silly Name – Quality Film

On Saturday night Lara and I went to see ‘Hot Tub Time Machine’. I kid you not that is the name of the film! Haha. Having read some reviews on it before I knew that the writers wanted to get the essence of old school 80s comedies in an up to date film. How do they do that though? Well there are 4 main guys, 3 old friends and one guys nephew, one of them has a near death experience and they all decide to relive their youth by going back to a place they used to party in the 80s. They find that now it's all run down and a bit of a dive. Basically there is a hot tub at their place there and when they spill Chernobly (A made up Russian version of Red Bull) on this electric dial it sends them back to the 80s. From there it really does have some brillant comedy laughs quite often, with some definite quotable moments ‘Great White Buffalo’ haha. Also I have to give an extra shout to Crispin Glover for his bell boy/general hotel guy role as it had me in stitches some of the time. (Crispin Glover is George McFly from Back To The Future for those of you who aren’t sure). So all in all a good laugh and another recommendation for you all to see. I would say that a lot of people aren’t seeing this for the simple reason of the name of it, try not to let that bother you, it’s just a silly means to get the film set in the 80s and it is very enjoyable. G Approved!

While I am on the subject of films, I hope that people took the time to see Cloverfield when it came out in 2008, it was one of my favourites. I only say this because the legend that is JJ Abrams thought that up amongst other things like LOST, Fringe and Alias. I saw a trailer this weekend for a film called Super 8, not an awful lot known about it, it comes out next year but is set on the basis that a train transporting something from Area 51 crashes, the final shots show something smashing its way out of a steel container carriage, QUALITY!! Watch this space!

Remember a little while back I said about a game called Alan Wake coming out soon, well that soon is this Friday so by the time I write next I will have hopefully had some time to play it and will be able to give my thoughts on it. I have high hopes.

Season in 3 Months

Well, with all the moving I have done over the last 9 months – from Berkshire to Hemel Hempstead and then Hemel to Bedfordshire, I haven’t been able to join a football team this season as I didn’t know when I would be moving on. Now that I am settled in Maulden, I will be joining a team somewhere near me for next year. The season usually starts around August so that gives me some time to get fit. Trust me, I have lost a hell of a lot of fitness not being in a team this year. I have started running on my lunch break with a guy called Tom (Hi Tom, told you I would give you a mention, haha). We have done a few sessions now and the first one was an absolute killer, I felt as if I was going to be sick! Only 3 sessions in and already we have noticed a major improvement. We are working on some sprints and things like that with a bit of distance thrown in. I remember when I was writing my diary thing while I was travelling that I had a health kick to play football over there and that seemed to work out pretty well (22 goals in 19 games!) so hopefully with the effort we are putting in it will pay off. Now all I have to do is find a team round here with a good setup. A quick thanks to my cousin Martin on this who has given me a few tips too :)

Little side note – I still cant remember that funny thing I was going to write last week and then forgot. I can just remember that it was hilarious…. How rubbish!!

Question of the week – Which decade would you most have like to have been around to party in?


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