Friday, 8 January 2010

The Year of The Tiger

So last time I left things we were rolling up to New Year. I hope everyone had a great night, I know I did. Well, up until about 2am I think, then it was all downhill from there. But here we are in 2010 – The year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar which is pretty cool. I was born in 1984, the year of the Rat, how pants is that?! Why couldn’t I have been born in the year of the Dragon, that would have been much cooler! I would have even settled for Rooster. Have a little look, which are you? Let me know.

Ding Dong It’s 2010
We went over to Laras friend Katies house for a big do. She had done a great job of sorting out food and drinks, we were all dressed up smart for it and everything was set up for an awesome night. We had some Vodka jelly shots early on and everything was going great. Katie said that she had made so much Vodka jelly that there was enough left over after all of the shot glasses had been sorted to fill 3 bowls. What do you do with 3 bowls of Vodka Jelly you may ask? I will tell you what… you get two people, 2 spoons and have races to see how much you can eat. Simple. Then at the end one of you just shouts louder than the other and that’s really how a winner is decided I think. Now, around 11ish (I think), I had one of these races and didn’t do badly at all, I chomped my fair share of alcoholic jelly and I thought all was good…. but I shall come back to this later. Haha.

The rest of the night went well, new years rolled around, everyone sang, we even went outside and let of Chinese lanterns which was really cool. They go for miles, hopefully none of them fell from the sky in a ball of flames and set anything on fire, haha. Then things took a turn for the worse...... I was feeling, lets say, merry and Pat one of Laras friends boyfriends said he would give me some money to eat some of the dog biscuits in the bowl. Why is it when you are drunk things like this seem like a great idea? So needless to say I ate some, then another person actually tried some too, it wasn’t that bad. Funnily enough the money never materialised but I had another biscuit and left it at that. Now back we go to the whole Vodka Jelly thing. Where this becomes bad is that it must release the alcohol slowly as it is in jelly form, so the effects of what you have eaten don’t happen until a lot later on. As I had a few of the shots and a Vodka bowl jelly race I must have had a fair amount simmering in my tummy for a while, add that to regular heavy drinking (hey it was new years) and you have a mean recipe. It must have been around 2am and then BAM, everything just seemed like it went nuts. I felt like I was on ice skates and it seemed as if everything was moving back and forward stopping me focussing on it. Ooops. Well I will spare the details but the result was me being very sick and sleeping upstairs, having my feet tickled by Pat before taking Katies bucket back home to Laras. D’oh! Other than that the night was brilliant.

House Update
This week we went round to the place we are buying for another look around and get another idea of the size and shape of the rooms so we can look more into furniture and other things. This time we had arranged it with the guy we are buying the property from, Steve. It was great to see it again and it seemed so much bigger that we remembered, maybe as we hadn’t seen it in so long and only looked at small pictures since we found out it was going to be ours. We had another good look around and Steve seemed like a really nice guy. I cant believe I will be moving in with Lara into our first house in less than a month, it seems so surreal. I cant wait! Hopefully things will go smoothly with solicitors and all that stuff. We are still looking into colour schemes for the bedroom and are thinking of painting one wall with a colour and leaving the others in the cream that is already there.

Other than that there hasn’t really been much going on this week. Call of Duty is amazing and I am saving Assassins Creed 2 for when we move into our place as we wont have internet for a while I would have thought and you don’t have any online side for that game. I hope that everyone has gone to see Avatar at the cinema, it seems like some of you have as this next fact is very interesting (well from my point of view as Im a movie nut). In the 19 days that Avatar has been in cinemas it has taken $1.1 Billion dollars at the box office. Now lets put that in some perspective – The Dark Knight didn’t take that much in its whole time at the cinema, Lord of the Rings Return of the King took $1.08 billion in total which means that this is the 2nd highest grossing film of all time ALREADY!! After 19 days!! Way ahead with $1.8billion is Titanic which was also directed by the same guy, James Cameron, this guy knows how to make money. Who’s thinking that Avatar will make it to No. 1? I wouldn’t bet against it at this rate. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet…Shame on you, get to the cinema now!

That’s about all from me this time, sorry its been a slow one. Hopefully next one will be a bit more interesting. Ta ta for now.


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