Friday, 22 January 2010

Busier Than a Bee High on Honey

Howdy, I haven’t written in a while but there has been so much going on that I haven’t got the chance to think at the moment. Work for some reason has gone ballistic since the Christmas break, it is just so busy. It makes the day go fast and give you a snese of self satisfaction if you solve a load of problems in a busy day but I would still like a few moments to take a breather every once in a while. Haha. I will try to include all the important stuff but no doubt I will miss the odd thing out which I will realise exactly 1 second after I hit the ‘Post Now’ button at the bottom of a new blog entry. I have seen more of Dylan who is actually going to be 3 in a week… Where did that time go?? He is turning into a right little legend. So here we go, strap in and well……read on.

Vroom Vroom
Another major thing that has happened recently away from the madness of buying a house is I have bought a new car. Its fantastic! It’s a Hyundai Coupe and it is red with black leather interior. I haven’t had a car that is truly mine for a good few years now as I have had company cars, been travelling, borrowed a number of runabouts and been given a car to get me through tough times by my dad. Now I have this lovely car that scared the absolute crap out of me the first time I put my foot down. Its quite fast to say the least.

Like a Herd of Swedish Sheep
What else has happened? Lara and I have bought another load of bits and bobs for the house. We have a moving date of 5th February that has been proposed, the contracts have been signed and sent off and things seem to be moving along fine. Since I last wrote we have bought a coffee table and side table from Harveys, they are great cos they both match the dining table we bought a few weeks back. We have also bough, plates, cutlery, a toaster, a TV stand, a pestle and mortar, some lamps, some other bits and bobs that I just cant remember and we have had our first experience of IKEA. That place is mental!! We walked in the door not knowing what to expect, 90 minutes later walking out completely drained with purchases in tow. You wander around a set out route passing thorough different areas of homes seemingly getting no closer to any form of exit. There is everything you could ever hope for that you will need in your home and everything is pretty cheap too. We have been looking for a tall lamp to put behind the sofa and had only come across ok ones worth around £30-£50 or higher. Looking in IKEA we saw this black and white tall lamp that we both thought would fit well with what we already have there. Looking for a price expecting it to be £20 or above we found the label, £3.99!! Are they having a laugh? Brilliant, even if it actually doesn’t fit with what we have already we could honestly afford to give it away and look for another one, I think it will be great in the lounge but still. I am going to get into training and bump up my fitness so I am able to make another visit once we move in, haha.

Moved Up a Placing
Also since I last wrote, I have been to see Avatar for a second time at the cinema. It really is just incredible. I think I enjoyed it more the second time around and it was great that Lara came out of it thinking it was brilliant too. She was very sceptical at first but she said it just wasn’t what she expected. That is what I will say again to people who aren’t seeing it for this reason (mum im looking at you) please go and see it, just for the shear fact that if you decide to see it at a later date and decide it is actually fairly good, you will have missed one hell of an experience seeing it on the big screen. After seeing it for the second time I have decided that it has moved up a spot on my top films from No 3 to No 2… Sorry about that Good Will Hunting. The whole experience of it just cant be ignored and I really did come out having watched something special. I have even downloaded the soundtrack which is pretty good too.

I think that’s about all I can do for now but I will hopefully not leave it as long next time. I will no doubt write again before the big move in with Lara but I am really really looking forward to it now. Its getting so close and its all very exciting. Looking back wondering when I will get my first place and its just around the corner. I cant wait to have people over for a get together. Have an awesome weekend.


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