Thursday, 22 December 2011

No Snow.... but it's definitely Christmas

Hilarious times with the Managing Director
I can’t believe I have been writing these things for over two years. I know that this years posts have been a little low on the ground but to be honest that because there has been so much going on and I’m so busy each day at work that I just haven’t had the time, lol. New years resolution for 2012 – Try to keep a bit more on top of this and actually do more reviews on things rather than keep it as diary the whole time.
I actually had a chance to look back through a lot of my old posts, it was quite fun to read back to when we were making the offer on our place and then all the bits after it. It wasn’t so fun realising that I was getting a feeling of growing old as my 26th birthday approached when I am now well into being 27. Hopefully the internet will not explode when we are taken over by robots (it’s going to happen, have you not seen Terminator??) , that way in years to come I will be able to look back at these posts and all the old bits I did of travelling (they were on Facebook in a group I did when I went away - but aren’t anymore) I just had a look and ALL of the old diary things I did on there are gone! How annoying. Luckily I have all of the American travelling ones in a book but I will have to search out my Australian ones. If anyone has them in their emails, as I sent them to people via email too, please let me know (this is where Im hoping my mum still has them somewhere). Anyway, onto to recent things.

Boy Genius and a Cheeky Little Monkey
On Saturday just gone we headed over to my Auntie Kath / Uncle Jons for a pre-Christmas gathering that happens every year. Unfortunately we couldn’t make last years due to the snow we had causing havoc on the roads, but this year was fine weather wise so off we went. As always it was great seeing everyone, Dylan and Mia were on form as usual and Dylan showed me his reading skills…. Unreal! He started school a few months back and is already able to read pretty much properly. When he gave me the Christmas card from him and Mia, he read it to me!! Amazing. Apparently he is the only one in his class on a certain set of books and even then there is nobody on the set below, he is steaming ahead… brilliant. He is asking what words mean and things now too – although I was stumped on one word, he asked what derby meant, as in ‘destruction derby’ as it said it on a game on my phone, I honestly didn’t know how to explain that one, haha. Mia was just hilarious again too. She was doing this thing that whenever she did something that was funny or cheeky, she would laugh in this funny way and double over holding her tummy, it was cracking us up. She is really mischievous as well, trying to grab every chocolate she could after some small gifts had been given out. I can’t wait to see them both again on Christmas day and give them all of their pressies.

Football With The Fam
One massive thing happening over Christmas is that during the day on Christmas eve, we have managed to arrange a proper football match that is a once in a lifetime occurrence. It has been sorted that for one day only, there is going to be a family football team made up of uncles, cousins, sons, brothers all from my dad’s side of the family. The fact that we have enough of us to field a full 11-a-side team doesn’t surprise me, it’s just incredible that we will all be on the same team from teenagers through to uncles in their 60’s. It’s going to be incredible and we are all crazily excited about it the game. It’s going to be recorded and my cousin Andy will have his wife Amy there taking photos too….. I can’t wait. I don’t think any of us will care too much about the result as this hasn’t happened before and probably won’t happen again with this group of people, Immense! I will let you know how it goes. The team photo will be something to keep hold of for sure.

Head On Collision With The Managing Director
We had our work Christmas do a couple of weeks back in Milton Keynes which was pretty smart. It was at this big marquee and all decked out in 20’s theme which was cool. There was some entertainment  and nice food but the highlight of the night was the bumper cars they had. They weren’t your usual carnival bumper cars where you have to all go in a circle and not really crash into each other, they were do whatever you want in whatever direction you want bumper cars which was mental. There were people driving all over the place and smashing into you from all angles. The best part was catching our managing directors eye while he was at the other end of the floor and heading straight at each other with our arms in the air waiting for the smash. It was just hilarious to do this with people that we have to be serious and work like for 99% of the time we usually see them. Fun night!

I haven’t seen any new movies lately so there is nothing to give my thoughts on there…. We have been watching more Scrubs which still makes me chuckle, only on Season 6 so have to see if that continues. We have been to Yo Sushi a lot over the last month or two, that place is just amazing. It’s that one where the food goes around on a belt between all the tables and you just take what you want. If there are things you want that aren’t going round or if you want hot things like soup or rice you order it and it comes really quickly. All the food is put on coloured plates/bowls which relates to the cost of that dish so its all tallied up at the end and nice and easy. Plus the food is always lovely in there too. I recommend ‘Prawn Korokke’ which is like a croquet potato with mini prawns in it cooked to order and its delicious. It’s not all sushi though so don’t let that put you off. KFC have a new burger out called the Supercharger which will need to be getting in my belly ASAP! Lol.

Other than that I’m going to leave it there for now. Have an awesome Christmas, don’t eat too much…. I will probably write another review of the year like I did last year between now and 2012 so until then, take it easy….


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