Monday, 25 July 2011

Stags, Weddings & Birthdays!!

Matts Stag Do - July 2011
Look at that, two blogs in a month.... this is getting back to how I used to be. lol. Well July has been one hectic month and I'm hoping August will be a little bit calmer. (Apart from my birthday weekend of course). So where do we begin....

Boiling, Brilliant Bournemouth!
Well the first weekend of July started out with my cousin Matts stag do down in Bournemouth (This Blogs feature photo). I headed down on the Friday night straight from work (taking 4 hours in the bloody traffic) to start the events. We headed straight out and found a pub to toast the young man losing his freedom in a few weeks time. Long story short, we headed to a few bars and clubs and had a great first night.. Up early the next day to head to the beach as we didn't have any activities planned out which in a way was well suited to where we were. The sun was shining and in the morning the beach was empty so we played some beach football and rugby between us. As the day went on it became busier and busier until we all twigged there seemed to be cheerleaders everywhere??  Turns out there was a big championship on down there on the Saturday and they were all chilling on the beach between their turns. Result! The rest of the day was spent tanning and playing Mini Golf in the park which was a great laugh. I came second (damn you uncle Les!). In the evening we headed out to the Walkabout to watch the David Haye fight, unfortunately we all know how that went but I can see why people try so hard to go to boxing matches now. Even in a pub the atmosphere was something I have only experienced at big football matches before. We all had loads to drink and a BBQ out on the terrace before and while it was going on which was a plus point. After the fight we were off to more bars and clubs ending up with Tyler (one of the other guys) and I getting in about 5am once everywhere shut! Great company, great weekend. On a side note, I had a collapsing bed propped up with a door in the hotel we stayed in, it was nuts! What a mess.

Baby Birthdays
The weekend after the stag do there was a BBQ for my cousin Dan and Helens little girl Ella for her 1st Birthday which was really good. Lots of people I hadn't seen in a while and some good food. Thinking about it, BBQ food really is right up there with the best of them. It was great to see Ella and my niece Mia playing together as well. They were making noises at each other and stuff which was really cute. Matt and I also played some twister with Dylan which was hilarious.

The weekend after that it was the turn of my niece Mia to turn 1 so we all gathered again for another great BBQ. Ella was there again and it seemed like they were having a good chat in 1 year old language about what they had been up to that week. We even played pin the tail on the donkey which was such a laugh as the only child playing was Dylan, the rest of us were far too old. Congratulations to Helen who is pin the tail on the donkey champion 2011.  Another great day for a 1st birthday!

Not Quite So Baby Birthdays
The day after Mias birthday Lara and I headed to Watford for her godfather Tony 60th birthday do. It was a good bash and all I can think about is the amazing little cakes that there were that you could eat in one bite. They are something that I need to look into further, haha. He also had a magician there who pulled out some great tricks. Another good day!

This weekend just gone had a wedding on the Saturday (Il get to that in a minute) but in keeping with the 60th section the Sunday was dedicated to my Uncle Des who turned 60. His children had arranged a surprise party at his favourite restaurant for him under the cover of a quiet family do - (The Forum in Shepperton, we have been going there for years and its amazing!). His face as he walked in to see lots of family and friends was brilliant. The food was great as always and they had a couple of guys playing Simon and Garfunkel songs all the way through which was really good. Des is one of those people that would do anything for anyone and is just an all-around top class guy so it was great to see people there for him to show what he means to them too. He has passed on a lot of advice to me over the years and it was great to be able to share a day like that with him, I know he loved it.

The Second Tilley Wedding of 2011
As I mentioned above, on Saturday my cousin Matt got married to his lady Emma which was the second wedding involving a Tilley in the last couple of months after Stuart and Katie tied the knot. It was such a nice day weather wise which was good considering the amount of rain we have had lately. The reception was at a golf club near Thorpe Park and the meal was lush, I think I consumed about 20 meatballs in all, haha. Then I hit the jackpot with dessert, banoffie pie!! Not only did I get my serving but as Lara doesn't like banana I got to have double helpings, superb. The night was a great laugh and some of us even did a stupid 'Tonto' dance from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air which was fun even if it was a bit geeky. I will get a video of it onto YouTube and put a link right here ----  So yeah another wedding that was thoroughly enjoyable with some great (and emotional) speeches.

On the subject of Tilley weddings, the next one is already planned and it is when my cousin Dan gets married to Helen next June. I have been given the honour of being best man so I can't wait for that one to roll around. That also means I get to plan the stag do so expect some fun stories coming from that one!

Other Bits
I saw Transformers 3 at the cinema the other week (alone actually as Lara was so against going, haha). It was actually very good, even though it was slightly long. Of course its transforming robots that fight each other and stuff but as long as there is a beginning / middle / end to a simple story in a film like that, all you need to do is turn off your brain and watch something extremely creative from a visual point of view. Its incredible the things people can create these days and this film showcased that very well indeed. I thoroughly enjoyed switching off from reality for two and a half hours and letting my inner child run free. Also, the main female character in it, Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley is beautiful, like proper lovely! Overall I would give it an 8/10.

I have joined a new team football wise. I now play for Kempston which is over near Bedford. It's a step up in standard so I'm looking forward to the challenge this season brings. The set up at the club is incredible as well which is great as a player. I will miss some of the lads from Ampthill Town but a couple of them have moved clubs with me which was good. The pre-season training was immense there, I dont think I have felt this fit since I was at under 18 level (unfortunately a long time ago, haha) but I'm hoping for good things so I will keep you posted.

Other than that I think that's about a good place to leave it for now.  I managed to get this out a few weeks after the last one so hopefully it wont be too long until the next one.


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