Monday, 4 July 2011

Another Catch Up as I've Been Crap!

I have really been poor at writing these this year, I will have to make a bit more of an effort in the upcoming months. So where to start on this one, I’m sure that quite a bit has happened since the last blog and I will see if I can tie it all together.
Run, Run and Run Some More
We have been doing the odd bits of training here and there since the beginning of June but started pre-season training properly last Saturday (25th June) and I’m not gonna lie, it was not nice at all. We did some long jogs and then a couple of long sprints before some ball work so I was aching a bit the next day. Then we had another one on Tuesday where we were doing some hill running which made my legs feel a bit like jelly, lol. So hopefully the fitness will come soon for us lot.
Just Monkeying Around
A couple of weeks ago my cousin Tom from Oz came up to stay at ours for the weekend which was awesome. He is over doing a course for his flying and is in England for a few months so we wanted to make sure we hung out while he was here. We went to one of those Go Ape things (it was called Aerial Extreme but you know what I mean) and it was such a laugh, I recommend having a go on one if you haven’t already.  It was hard work in places and some of the things you do are quite scary but we had a good giggle. The one bad thing that happened was that I battered my ribs on this last big jump you do before you leave. I thought it would still have some tension in the rope once I landed but it caught be out by going completely loose and I fell ribs first into the fence – Here is the video, be kind and don’t laugh at me, haha. –
Nottingham = Massive Let Down
Back in May my cousin Stewart got married which inevitably means there is an excuse for a bunch of friends and family to get together to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and party for a weekend on a Stag Do. This one was with a great bunch of lads and the paintballing / comedy club were brilliant but we went to Nottingham which I had heard so many good things about – Most of which were false, lol. We must have just been there on a real dull weekend as most places we went to were pretty much empty and it was like a ghost town most of the time, It was bizarre. One thing to come out of the weekend was Matt Tilley, Grand Hendy and myself doing the chicken wing challenge in Hooters on the Friday night. We ordered 150 chicken wings between the three of us and by the photo I have used for this blog, you can see there was a stupid amount of chicken involved! Needless to say we couldn’t polish them all off and we all felt rubbish for the rest of the night, haha.  All in all a great weekend in a rubbish place
On a side note to that the wedding was a really good day and I have just had another stag do (this weekend just gone actually) for one of Stewarts older brothers Matt (fellow chicken wing loony) – I shall probably write about the stag do and wedding in my next blog. It was bloody awesome!
Facebook – More Like Whingebook!
OK, I don’t usually moan too much about things I have previously praised but Facebook is really starting to piss me off at the moment. I am getting increasingly bored of reading peoples statuses that are purely there for attention rather than information. I mean, all this ‘post this status if you know someone with such and such problem’ or other general chain status are rather annoying. Then there is one that is there for no other reason than to take up space like ‘I love my hubby / wife’ or ‘I miss so and so’ – I mean I love my girlfriend but I tell HER that and not every gubbins on my friends list cos quite frankly, do they really need to know? The ones that really get me are the cryptic ones, you know, the ones that people post purely to get you to comment like ‘grrr Im gonna get you for this, I’m so annoyed, you know who you are’ or something like ‘some people should really watch what they are saying about people behind backs, what goes around comes around’. Those are the ones that people comment on saying ‘ah what’s up’ or ‘do you want to talk about it’ and then the person that wrote the status says ‘no, I don’t want to talk about it’ or ‘private message me’…..Why the hell bother in the first place then?? That type of crap is just plain annoying and needy. Lol. I’m sure that Facebook wasn’t designed for that tosh and I know I’m not the only one that thinks this sort of thing. I have even thought about deleting close friends just because they put this type of stuff up there a little too often, lol. That’s my little rant over on that one cos I don’t want to go on too much but please go easy on the attention seeking stuff, it just makes you look kind of needy…
Twitter is now becoming my favourite of the two social sites, well, definitely the most interesting anyway. I know it doesn’t have the scope that facebook does and Im still going to be using that as I would  as you can put photo albums and videos on easily along with the better social side of things but Twitter is just simple. Even Lara has come around to twitter recently and she seems to really like it too - follow her by the way @laazarini7 - I don’t know why I felt the need to write about that on here but I thought I would. Lol.
Movie Catch Up
I have hardly been to the cinema at all lately and then I went twice in two days which was cool. I saw The Hangover Part 2 first which was an extremely funny film even if it was a complete replica of the first one with a few details switched around. I think this is well worth a watch as it’s a bit darker than the first film which makes up for the story kind of following the same path.
Then the next night Joe came up for us to head out and watch X:Men – First Class. This was a very good movie indeed, in most ways. The story was really good and engaging, the characters involved all added to the story in some way (well there were a couple that were not really needed but you didn’t really notice much) and Kevin Bacon as the villain was brilliant, a proper old school baddie wanting to take over the world. This will probably lose a large audience as it’s a comic book movie at heart but it is a good film that should really be seen. Check this one out if you can.
Missing Download
A little note that I missed Download Festival this year which was a bit annoying as I really love that long weekend when I camp out and listen to a few days worth of rock music. To be fair, its not a cheap weekend and I couldn’t justify to myself spending hundreds of pounds when I am trying to save money for something like a holiday later in the year. It was a shame as Linkin Park and Pendulum were playing who I have seen before and they were both incredible. Linkin Park were part of the best day of my life back in 2007 at my first download festival so they had a lot to live up to in all honesty, lol. Maybe next year…..
More TV Stuff
You may remember I have mentioned a show called Summer Heights High before, an Australian mockumentary series by a guy called Chris Lilley where he plays all of the main characters. It is possibly the funniest series I have ever seen and he has just come out with a new one called Angry Boys, once again playing all the main characters. When you consider that one is a American Rap Star, one is an old female prison warden and there are identical twins in there too (very clever) you realise that this guy has some serious talent. Angry Boys in on the BBC iPlayer at the moment so check it out if you can.  
I am really into The Unit at the moment, coming to the end of season 3 of that now which is getting good. Although I know that season 4 was the final series so I shall be a little disappointed when that ends. I wonder what I can use to replace it? Answers on a postcard please.
This blog was a bit more substantial than the last one and I will leave it there for now.
Take Care
- G

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