Thursday, 1 July 2010

More Than One Home Town

I always wonder how to start these things, pondering to myself thinking what do I talk about first?? Where I have been, what I have seen, who I have been with?? This time however I have got no worries at all, one of the days geeks look forward to each year has arrived and this time I got involved.

Little Box of Tricks
It has been 2 years since I returned from my travels across America and Australia, one of the first and most important things to do these days is buy yourself a mobile phone (thats a cell for all my American friends, lol). So just at that point the iPhone 3G had just been released. I had been looking at it while I was in Oz with my cousin Ollie and we both wanted one. Sure enough the first chance I got less than a week after getting back I was a proud owner. The next year I decided to pass on the 3GS as I had 6 months left on my contract, but last week the iPhone 4 was released and it was a real iWant!! They were released Thursday and by Friday I had ordered one. It arrived Monday and has blown my expectations since then. First off it looks amazing with the glass front and back, the metal border round the side of the phone and the redesigned buttons. That is not the main thing though, the whizz kids at Apple have managed to cram a world class magician into each phone because as far as I can see this thing is filled with Magic!! Everything is so responsive, everything works how I would want and hope something to work and its just excellent. The battery life has increased significantly, the camera has increased to 5megapixels, not to mention the 720p HD video recording. Although to truly unlock the potential the Apps are where its at. Coloursplash is a favourite of mine and has been since I had my old phone, but it comes into its own with the new 'Retina' display screen that the iPhone 4 has, it is seriously crystal clear, the highest resolution display ever put in a phone. With Coloursplash you can take a photo you have and add/remove colour from any part of the photo, allowing you to be really creative. I have added a photo up the top of here that I have recently done for my sister from her wedding that I need to send her. I hope you like it. Thats enough on the iPhone 4 for now but I have only scratched the surface of its potential and am in awe of what I have seen from a handheld gadget!

Shouting Descriptions
At the weekend I headed back to Shepperton for a leaving do for my cousin. We had a few beers, a Chinese and had some good laughs, it was really nice to see so many of the family again. I stayed at my cousin Stewarts and we managed to play FIFA until the very early hours (like 4am!!) I even fell asleep in the middle of a game at one point and so did he, haha. Saturday I headed back for a BBQ at Joes, what a day! The sun was out non stop, Joe had the BBQ literally at the highest temperature it could be before it melted a hole in the Earth, the drinks were flowing and the company was great. We ate the food, drank the drink and decided to play a game called Articulate. Now this is a game that should be played for fun, but from what I have heard it always gets very competitive, haha. What you have to do is explain words or places to your team from a category such as 'Places' or 'People' without saying the word, anything rhyming with the word etc. to make them say the answer. For example if you had 'Laptop' you would need to say something like 'small computer that you can flip open and take anywhere' or something like that. You get as many answers as you can in 30 seconds to move around the board. We played a good few games of that and some of the answers coming out were hilarious. I think I will be buying that game at some point cos it is a definite party pleaser. Joe will be pleased that I am sharing this considering how competitive we are. We played 4 games in total, all with different teams, I won 2 and he won all 4 (the bastard!) Well done Joe! But all in all it was a great day. I wont mention Sunday because it was England V Germany and we all know what happened there. Lazy muppets!!

On the subject of football I have looked into a team for next season from round here. Ampthill Town is just up the road and play at a pretty decent standard so I took a chance and headed over there tonight to see if I could find out when pre season training started. I managed to get lucky and the manager happened to be down at the ground sorting a few bits out. I introduced myself and they are going to be starting training next Tuesday, result. So watch this space and I will update a few bits about that soon enough. Thank god I started doing the running on my lunch breaks a few times a week to blow the cobwebs out.

Quick update, Lara and I are smashing through LOST, we are up to about episode 13 of Season 2 now. It seriously is so much better the second time round, I am remembering all of the questions I asked in the first place (99% of them Lara is asking me and I stay totally silent) yet as I am asking them I know they are going to be answered which is nice. There are so many things that I have forgotten about too. The characters are fantastic and you can see how clever the writers are at developing them (Lara has switched completely with a couple, like I mean she wanted one to die in the beginning and now loves him, lol). I am really enjoying it. Who knows, maybe the couple of seasons that I thought were a bit below par may actually be better this time around??

Anyway....... Heading back home on the weekend got me thinking and led me to the title of this posting. Can you have more than one home town? I say yes. I say this because I currently live in Maulden, Bedfordshire and I love it here, the quietness, the atmosphere and the whole attitude just suits me. Then there is Berkshire where I have grown up, a lot of my friends and family live there and I can go back any time knowing that I will have a great time. I think of them both in different ways though, Maulden is my home town where I live and Berkshire is my home town where I am from. I think I am quite lucky to have two places like that.

So todays question is - Do you have more than one place that you call home and why?

Laters Taters... G

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