Thursday, 15 July 2010

The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Crying Babies

I HAVE A NIECE I HAVE A NIECE!!! Congratulations to my sister Katie and her husband Tom as they have just had a beautiful baby girl - Mia Summer. As I write this she is only 2 days old but already has the world in the palm of her tiny hand, so many people have wished her well and commented on how gorgeous she looks. Hopefully I will get a chance to head to Kent to meet Mia soon and see how amazing Dylan is as a big brother. Just look at that photo I have used for this blogs focus, brilliant!! So yes I'm sure there will be plenty more to come on Mia and Dylan but for now I'm just excited to meet her soon. So pleased for Katie and Tom!! Whoop!!

In other baby news my cousin Dan and his lady Helen have had a little girl too called Ella. I actually got to meet her last weekend and she is a cutie too. Congratulations guys. There are babies everywhere at the moment!! The couple that live in the apartment below us also had a little girl last week -Sophie. I don't think that any more are due any time soon though, lol. So a massive congratulations to everyone who has bought a little person into the world recently. What was 9 months ago?? October... That must have been one randy month

Legs Like Jelly!!
I mentioned last time that I would be starting pre season training soon, well that was last Tuesday and here I am 4 sessions later feeling a hell of a lot fitter. The first session I actually thought I was going to throw up and it felt like someone had stolen my legs at one point. Behind the football club there is a big hilly park that I didn't know about until training. The views are amazing and you can see for miles but there are also hills as big as your house and steeper than you can imagine. Every bump and turn of the two main 'Killer' hills is etched in my memory as I have run up them so many times now. My cousin Matt and his fiancée Emma came to stay on Saturday night so I took him over there for a run on Sunday which was cool. I think my mum would really appreciate a visit there next time she is up this way. Not for the hills of course for the amazing country views, its her kind of thing. With each training session though the hills got easier and the football I was playing got better, you really struggle when your mind is tired to play how you want to play. The first pre season game is this Saturday against MK Dons reserves, although I will have to see if I am heading to see Katie, Tom, Dylan and Mia as I dont think I will get many more chances before the season starts. So all in all the football is going well so far, good bunch of lads and a good set up. That's probably the main thing I missed about not playing football last season, the banter with the lads, you cant get that anywhere else. Lets hope it carries on this way.

Now I know that so much more is going on with me at the moment but I just cant think for the life of me what to write about. The Wii Fit seems to be working - when I started on 6th June I was 13st 12lbs, now after a bit of training and football (with a weekend of hard drinking at Download Festival thrown in halfway through) I am down to 13st 4lbs now which is some good going I think. I also played a match for my cousins team back in Middlesex at the weekend which was great, it was quite a family affair with 2 of my cousins playing with me on one team, another cousin playing against us for the other team and another cousin was the ref, haha. We drew 3-3 but it was a really good game and great to play with the guys.

Movie Thoughts
Oh... I have finally come around to the idea of for DVDs. Now for those of you that don't know LoveFilm is basically a rental site for films, games etc that you can pay a monthly fee and get sent DVDs. You create a list of films/games that you want and prioritise them according to which you would like first and they send them to you. You can keep them as long as you want and when you send one back they send you another one from your list, brilliant. There are all types of packages, 1/2/3/4 discs at a time and 2/3/4 unlimited swaps a month which works great as they are all at different prices to suit the sort of viewer you are. I have 2 discs at a time with a limit of 4 swaps a month and I can have 2 DVDs or 1 DVD and a Game. I think in the long run this is going to save me a hell of a lot of money, especially on Xbox games. Its great for TV series too, coming to the end of Season 2 I can just request Season 3 on a disc by disc basis and watch them all for under a tenner a month. Good times, I would recommend that to anyone who has a bit of a film or game passion, I'm just surprised it took me so long to come around.

I am heading to the cinema tomorrow to watch Inception, the new Chris Nolan directed film with Leonardo DiCaprio in it. I have been excited about this for a very long time so hopefully it will live up to the expectation. Other than that I havent headed to the cinema much lately, need to sort that out. One of the DVDs I have from LoveFilm at the moment is the latest Star Trek so i need to watch that. Now I absolutely hate any form of Star Trek in any form but the latest one was done by JJ Abrams who I think is amazing so I am giving it the benefit of the doubt and Im going to check it out, I will let you know.

What else....... Well the weather (barring today) has been fantastic lately, most of my lunches have been spent relaxing in the field over the road from where I work which is nice. It feels like we are finally getting a summer after under achievement from the sun in past years.

Now that I have had the new iPhone 4 for a while it really is amazing, the battery life is my biggest plus. Before I was having to charge it on a daily basis but now its an every other day thing even though I am probably using it more. I have iMovie as an app that is just brilliant for editing your recorded movies on the go. I know that people are complaining about the reception issues but I have had no troubles at all. Pleased as punch.

I think that should just about do it for this one. I know its probably a bit slow but I cant think of anything that springs to mind that I need to write about. So for now, Ta Ta.


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