Saturday, 3 March 2012

The Greatest Concert Ever

The awesome wings from 'Engel'
As with Paris, I had to write a special entry on the Rammstein concert I went to last Friday as its was absolutely incredible! Seriously, it was one of the best things I have ever seen in any shape or form, wow! Yes its heavy rock, yes it’s pretty much all in German and I don’t know what they are saying even if I do know the words – but Christ, it is one hell of a show. They have always said that they need to be a spectacle live as 99% of people don’t understand what is being said in the songs. They have a reputation for putting on an incredible stage show and they didn’t disappoint. There was fire, and I mean a load of fire – coming from the floor, the ceiling, the wings that he put on in ‘Engel’ (see the main photo for the blog) and facemasks the guitarists wear when they play ‘Feuer Frei’ that shoot flames about 20 feet. There was also, smoke, more explosions than you can imagine, foam being fired over the crowd and the keyboard player crowd surfing the whole way round the standing area in a rubber dinghy! Here's a quick little video of that and a good photo below!..... 
Flake crowd surfing in the dinghy!
I have been a fan of Rammstein for a long time, but they very rarely play anywhere outside of Germany so when I found out about the show at the O2 I just had to go. The tickets sold out within the first couple of hours but I was going to make it there somehow. Then as a big surprise I was given the tickets by Lara (@laazarini7) for my birthday and WHAT A PRESENT! I went with my mate Sean (@seanieboy86) who I have been to a few Download Festivals with. We were down in standing rather than in the stands as that is where all the major action and rocking happens. Everything went dark and as we had just been at the bar we were about halfway back in the standing area, still with a great view. This great big walkway was coming down out of the roof and we were just waiting to see what was going to happen. They didn’t appear on stage but came right out of one of the stand entrances at the side, walking down and through the crowd. When it happened we were literally two or three people back from where they walked through the crowd. I have a video of the intro but this one someone posted on YouTube is much better as it’s from a view up in the stands right next to where they walked out!! You can watch for 5 seconds to see the big walkway, then skip to 2mins in when they enter! Please stick with it, it’s worth the watch! They kicked off with Sonne (also in that video) and the place went nuts!
Gradually we worked our way forward through the crowd and ended up about three people back from the front. You could really feel the heat of things from there! As I mentioned above there was loads of fire throughout and I would have taken photos or videos of Feuer Frei, as it looked amazing, but I was far too busy rocking out like a lunatic with Sean as that is one of my favourites.
Fire from the facemasks in 'Feuer Frei'
There was a great bit during ‘Du Hast’ where the lead singer, Till Lindemann, fires a shotgun into the air and fireworks go screaming through the O2 before everything goes crazy and fire starts shooting from everywhere on stage. I have a good video of this from where we are stood at the time.

One of the best performances of the evening was for ‘Engel’ where the lead singer comes out wearing a giant pair of wings, but these aren’t any wings. They fire flames out of each end and explode the whole way up and down them – Awesome.

They played on stage for about two and a half hours in the end so it wasn’t exactly a short show either. The last song was accompanied by Till Lindemann sitting on a massive foam firing machine painted like a mans private place! Lol. The first 10 rows or so were just covered in foam. Once again I have a video of this too

Sean said that he would give up on a weekend at a festival just to see their show again and he’s not wrong, they were just amazing! So Sean and I have Lara to thank for getting me the tickets for my birthday and all in all it was a great evening. Grabbing some food at the O2 before watching possibly the best live concert I will ever see. Take a bow Rammstein – they probably would, and then they would throw in some fire and explosions for the hell of it!

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