Wednesday, 10 November 2010

The Big Catch Up

I just had a look at the last time I wrote one of these and it was over two months ago! My fans have been up in arms not knowing what to do with their evenings without these. Well my mum mentioned I should do another one as it has been a while… haha. There has been so much go on since the end of August, Birthdays, Stag Do’s and a load of other stuff in between that I will no doubt forget about when it comes to writing it down in a bit. This really is a where do I start moment…..

What A Weekend

I suppose the best place to start would be the stag do back in mid September, what an awesome weekend that was!! It was for Joes brother Alex who was getting married in Vegas later in the month, lucky bugger. There was 19 of us that went and obviously I wont be going into full on details about what went on as there is an ancient sacred pact of silence for things like these, but some things are ok. We headed down on the Friday for a night in a Casino and out on the town. We had lessons in the casino which was cool along with champagne and other drinks and there was a few of us, myself included that left with more money than we went in there with, good times. Quite a few headed home fairly early but there were some of us that stayed out until the clubs closed. I think I got back about 4:30am ish and when I opened my hotel room door I was met by a passed out naked Joe on his bed which just made me laugh something crazy! He had headed home earlier in the night, completely drunk and he doesn’t know how he managed it. One funny thing was that even though he couldn’t walk straight he managed to hang my shirt that I lent him for the night, he didn’t even remember doing it! A good start to the weekend.

Saturday was a great day all round, there was some mud buggying which was a right laugh. We were all absolutely covered in mud and Joe pulled off one of the greatest last to 1st moves in history, this is well worth a watch - - Lewis Hamilton would be proud!! The evening started out with a buffet dinner and then onto a bar which has Jagerbombs for £2 and shots galore! There was the most horrific looking dirty pint that all the lads shared and then it was onto Oceana to party the rest of the night away. This was another mega late one but a quality night none the less. It was the first time in ages that I had managed to do two heavy nights in a row without feeling like I was going to die so that was brilliant too. Alex was certainly saying goodbye to the bachelors life in style!

I Got LOST Again

So remember I was saying before that Lara and I were watching LOST through, well we watched the last episode the other day and I can definitely say that I enjoyed it even more the second time around. I noticed a whole load of stuff that really made the whole writing of the show seem so much more in depth. Lara really enjoyed it too although I think it helped that she didn’t have to wait each time after the end of season cliff-hangers, haha. I had to wait 6-8 months each time where as she only had to wait 6-8 minutes… Well sometimes I would make her wait a day or two, just to get her mind going imagining what is going on. I said it before and I will say it again - What an completely amazing show.

Happy Getting Old Day

Early October is one of the most expensive days of the year for me barring Christmas, Lara and my mum have their birthdays on the same day which is handy for remembering but a bugger as I am useless when it comes to actually buying the presents. This year I thought I would think a bit outside the box and buy something a bit special for Lara, so I bought her a Playstation 3. Most girls would have cried if they had opened that on their birthday but Lara absolutely loved it and I knew she would. She has always been into the games stuff and never really got into my Xbox, only the Wii but she has always been a Playstation person so I thought, why not. I bought her a few games, one of which Little Big Planet is absolutely brilliant, its like an old school platform game but with so so much more involved. I also bought her a game that I knew would be right up her street even without knowing anything about it. Its called Naughty Bear and basically you are a teddy that doesn’t get invited to a party so you go on a bit of a killing spree, tearing up and killing other teddies around the island, mental. There is other plot lines to it as well but that’s all I know about that one so far. We got to spend the Sunday at my mums with Katie, Tom, Dylan and Mia which was great as always.

Rock Your Socks Off

My latest project on the review front was for a DVD that was released in late October, it was a concert featuring the four biggest rock bands of the last 25 years - Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. I know this is a bit of a personal preference with the music but it was awesome. My mate Sean even came up to watch it again with me last weekend before we headed out for a few beers. Metallica were incredible but you can read the review here – I think that this is the best review I have done, Im not sure why Im just really pleased with it. Have a look see.

Football is going quite well, I have played some games, scored some goals and there have been a couple more nights of everyone meeting up for a few beers here and there. Not much to say on that front really, we played in a quarter final of a cup last night and lost unfortunately but it was a decent game. On the subject of football Im going to mention Spurs here, I know that the league side of things isn’t going as well as hoped but the Champions League is brilliant to watch. Beating Inter Milan 3-1 at home was one of the greatest games to watch ever! Both Lara and I were saying that we were on a high and didn’t come down for a couple of days. That is why I love football!

Other than that I cant think of too much that’s gone on, I knew this would happen, haha. Lara and her mum did the wallpapering in our bedroom which looks awesome. But yeah I think that will do me for now. I wont leave it as long until the next one..


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