Sunday, 8 August 2010

Kicking Balls and Becoming 26

As the last post I did was a proper review rather than a diary 'blog' thing, there is a lot to catch up on this time! Loads has happened and I know that I will forget a few things but lets see.

Kick Ball Goal
Since the last update on the football side of things, there have been a few matches so better have a little talk about those. The first one, and quite frankly the most important of them was back 3 weekends ago when we played an MK Dons XI at our place. Now bearing in mind that these are all full time footballers and we are a town team we knew it was going to be a tough one. Playing in it you could tell that a few of them were extremely good, every time they got the ball it seemed to slow down and look so easy. Anyway, cut along story short we all managed to play a hell of a game and won 3-2! Awesome. Considering this was the first proper football game I had played in for a year and a half it was one hell of a feeling to win again! I was buzzing for the rest of the weekend. There have been a couple of other matches that have been hit and miss since then and I managed to bag a goal a couple of weeks ago which once again was an amazing feeling after so long. Yesterday we played another match and as it was on my birthday I hoped it would go well. We won 4-3 in the end and I scored the winner!! Not a bad present if you ask me! lol, Lara, my mum and Roy came up to watch which was cool too. So the first game any of them have seen me play in a while I bagged the winner, good times. Lets hope things carry on this way.

Meeting Little Mia
Last time I wrote about having a new niece, well after the MK Dons game Lara and I headed back to stay at my mums and I met her on the Sunday. She was such a little cutie that actually slept most of the day but I still got a hold for a while. I thought it would be good to make that the photo for this blog too. To be fair I spent most of the day playing with Dylan which was fun. He played on my iPhone 4 for the first time, working it out in an instant I might add!! lol. He found the movie maker and wanted to know what it did so we made a silly little movie of him running about in my mums house. I have uploaded it to YouTube so you can have a look here - He is such a character.

More Real Writing
Remember my last post was the proper review thing I did for Inception, well I was asked by the editor of a review website to write a review for an Xbox Live Arcade game that they would use on the website and in the monthly magazine. The website is quality so I think you should check it out anyway - and then my review is here I think I did alright there, lol, very proud of myself with that one. Also as I said they do a magazine too, this review had a really cool double page spread which was really cool to see. Hopefully I will do a few more soon that I can tell you about. Until then, check out the website as there is a massive range of stuff they talk about on there.

Another Year Older
As I mentioned up in the football part earlier it was my birthday yesterday. I really cant believe that I am 26 now.... Seriously, I know that people say it all the time, but where did that come from?? I had a really cool day yesterday actually as my mum and Roy came up to see us which was really nice, I played football and scored the winner, had a BBQ and beers down at the club after the game and then headed into town with a few of the lads and ladies for drinks at a couple of places. Nice day all round then. I also got some really nice presents too which is always nice. lol. Before I can blink I will be 27 and writing about this all again.....

What else what else.... I know that a lot has happened but as per normal there are a few things I have surely forgotten about. I think I'm heading to see Toy Story 3 tonight which I am really excited about. I think this will be a little bit special actually, a closing chapter to a film franchise that has been a big part of my generation. The way I look at it, I was 11 when the first one cam out so it was just about right for me to love back then. The second one came out when I was 15 so I was still happy to watch it even as a teenager. Now the third one has come out and I would bet my life on the fact that more people in the twenty-something age range are looking forward to this movie than kids are. I cant wait! Pixar have a knack and always manage to make incredible movies as well. the film 'Up' is definitely one of my favourites in recent years and Wall-E is just a beautiful movie too. I shall update next time on my thoughts.

Oh, I saw The A-Team last week. People are slating it as a rubbish over the top film..... well Duh!! This is The A-Team we are talking about, the TV series was all about mental action and stupid stuff. Granted Liam Neeson as Hannibal and Rampage Jackson as BA aren't quite as good as the original actors but they aren't bad. Bradley Cooper as Face and Sharlto Copley as Murdock are brilliant though. Yes the plot is a bit pants, yes the action is stupid but that's what it's all about. I went in there with the intention of switching off my brain and enjoying a silly action movie and that's exactly what I got. Good Times.

That should just about do it for now I think as I don't want to bore everyone to tears.... for now.

Hope all is well with everyone. Take it easy.


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