Monday, 23 November 2009

The One With The Average Introduction

Well………Bonjour World!!

Hmmmm……..I use the term World lightly – In all honesty it’s probably Hello Mum.

As this is the first blog I suppose I should start by introducing myself to people who don’t know me. My name is Graham and put things quite simply, I’m just your average guy. Im known as a lot of things, Graham, Grazy, Shanners, G, Crumps and even FuzzyCoyote for all you fellow geeks with Xbox Live and Twitter (@FuzzyCoyote if you want to follow me). Nothing could really define me I guess, but that’s what I’m hoping will make this interesting. I don’t have a particular field that I excel in or a complete knowledge of a certain element. I haven’t done any courses in writing so this isn’t going to confuse you, I can just tell it like it is and pretty much how it will be for 95% of the people that will be reading this, your honest everyday people.

So where to start? Well I have family, friends and a girlfriend that are definitely above average. I know everyone say it but you couldn’t ask for a better group of people to immerse your day to day life with. The family side of things is at all times eventful, I have a large family and there is always something going on, but I’m sure that will crop up from time to time in future writings. My best mate Joe who would just about do anything for me, Mr Competitive, we always have the deepest friendly rivalry and I hope that gets portrayed in this too. Then there is the Lady, Lara, just about everything you could ever wish for. She loves football, more importantly Tottenham (cue at least 50% of people to stop reading now), which is a complete bonus but when you dream of the person you hope you could end up with you never actually think it would happen, luckily for me mine did. But enough of the gag worthy love and good feeling for now - What is going on and what am I going to do?

The most major thing going on right now in my little World is that Lara and I have just had an offer accepted on house. It is a 2 bedroom apartment in Maulden, Bedfordshire. I guess that will be the main thing to document over the coming weeks, how things are progressing and the stages we are at. We only started looking last Monday, we went to see a few places and put in an offer on this one on the Tuesday. Offers were batted back and forth until we managed to get a deal this Tuesday. I have never been so chuffed. First things first we are heading to sort out some Mortgage stuff on Saturday so here’s hoping all goes well. I have heard that buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life, I have to say so far it has been fairly stress free. Although I have been called Mr Horizontal before where I’m so laid back about pretty much everything. The guy we are buying from took a while to get back on our last offer so the anticipation was always quite high but other than that it has been fairly straight forward. I guess the fun begins now. That’s about all on that front for the time being but who knows what roads we will take in the next month or two.

I don’t entirely know what I am going to review, post or link to in my blog, but what I hope is that it will be a good read and interesting to see how just your run of the mill person is affected by everyday things.

Just a quick side note – This is for you Joe to keep a permanent record of our FIFA 10 progress and show everyone just how competitive things can be.

Grazy – 3 Wins

Joe – 0 Wins

We don’t get to play all that much but seriously, you will not see a man happier on a games console than if he manages to beat me. It just means that much to both of us. Lol.

I don’t want to make this first blog too long, it’s basically an intro into me and my goings on. The second blog will follow fairly quickly with a few reviews and things like that I guess. Should I do review requests? Yeah I think I will. So if you would like me to do or watch something, play something, eat somewhere or such things like check out websites or apps on the iPhone then let me know and I will do my best to see what can be done. What I don’t think I will do is make this a history lesson, I’m going to try and look at new things rather than say do a film review on something that came out 1 month ago or before as it could get very long and very boring. I think that’s best don’t you?

So for now……. On your mark, get set, start missing me.!


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